An industry leader in terms of size, scale and scope, Metropolitan Pensions Trust is a first multinational service provider for privately managed funds in Ghana. With over 4 years of experience in Ghana and a team of more than 10 professionals, we administer over GHS27million in asset invested in Ghana for more than 25 funds. We have offices in almost all the regions in Ghana. From every office, we maintain systematic connectivity to all our clients and major partners.
Leveraging on our front-to-back platform, we provide a distinct business solution that allows our investment managers and custodians to focus on their core mandate.

We welcome the opportunity to extend our perfect trustee and administration services in the management of your pension funds.

Retirement can be a breathtaking time if you plan it well, otherwise it can be a time of financial difficulty and despair.

It is never too late to star to plan towards your retirement though the earlier you start the better your life during retirement.

Your investment choices may change, where previously your preference will be with an aggressive strategy, now is an opportune time to talk to Metropolitan Pensions Trust about moving into a fund designed towards the preservation of your investment.

Keep an eye on your portfolio and consult with your Metropolitan Pensions Trustees frequently, to ensure your investment keep pace with inflation and your expected pension benefit in retirement is kept as high as possible.

Make sure the personal details to your pension fund investment are up-to-date and that proper beneficiaries and nominees are in place.